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Financial Management

Outsourcing the financial management function of your business means that you can have access to the best financial minds and a team of skilled professionals all experts in areas such as budgeting and forecasting, tax planning, strategic planning and corporate governance.

Your hard work and dedication should result in maximum growth and profitability for your business – but does it? To avoid spinning the wheels and to make sure that all your efforts result in efficient growth, it’s essential to work with a financial management consultant who can take an objective look at your business, analyse the numbers, and suggest optimal strategies for growth and profitability.

The cost of hiring an in-house financial analyst or business development specialist can be prohibitive for many small businesses. Outsourcing specific or even the full range of financial functions to Bletchleys financial management team will give you all the insights you need for future growth and success without the high overheads.

Whether you’re a micro enterprise, small business or medium size business, Bletchleys has monthly accounting services packages to suit your needs.


Bletchleys financial management service puts you at the board room table with a team of experts whose sole focus is the success of your business. These are some of the benefits of signing up:

  • In-depth financial analysis. Our team will take a deep dive into your financial statements and identify patterns of expenditure for cost reduction and highlight the most profitable areas of your business to grow.
  • Tax consulting. There are specific ways of running your business that can help you incur a smaller tax bill while staying fully compliant with SARS. Our consultants have an excellent understanding of tax laws and will work with you to run your business in a tax efficient manner.
  • Holistic financial management. Once we’ve identified areas of your business for optimisation we’ll work with you to find ways of achieving this in partnership with your HR, marketing, and operations division or key employees.

Choose the best option and leave the rest to us, so you can focus on growing your business.

Entrepreneurs come from all kinds of industries and backgrounds. If finance isn’t your specialisation you’ve probably been looking for a numbers expert to help you analyse your company’s performance, cut costs, and boost profitability in the long term.

How does a whole team of experts sound?

Our Financial Management services include:

  • Supply and access to mid-tier accounting package if needed
  • Strategic planning
  • Annual budgeting
  • Monthly and quarterly cash flow forecasting
  • Customized Monthly management reporting and variance analysis
  • Balance sheet re-engineering and business turnaround
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Systems and controls implementation and maintenance
  • Ratio analysis and management
  • Weekly Processing
  • Monthly balance sheet Recons
  • On-going Tax Planning for company and owners
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