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Tax Services

Bletchleys outsourced tax services put a professional team of accountants and tax professionals at your disposal.

Whether you’re a micro enterprise, small business or medium size business, Bletchleys has monthly accounting services packages to suit your needs.

Tax services consultant on the phone planning year-end tax.

As an entrepreneur, you face the same tax obligations as every company in South Africa – and keeping up with SARS regulations while running a growing business is simply not feasible for most busy business people.

Every company is required to file a tax return on an annual basis, and part of this process involves preparing substantial financial statements while declaring income and expenses accurately to comply with SARS regulations and South African Income Tax laws.

With failure to submit correct returns being punishable by law and not simply with a fine, being 100% SARS compliant as a business owner has never been more important. Receiving a letter of demand or even a summons to appear in court for a minor omission on your tax return is an experience that nobody wants to have, and fortunately there’s a simple way to avoid tax headaches all together.

Hiring a bookkeeper, company accountant and tax specialist to ensure SARS compliance can be very costly for a small business. Our accountants are highly qualified. We will help you achieve 100% tax compliance for a tiny fraction of the cost of setting up an accounting department.

Choose the best option and leave the rest to us, so you can focus on growing your business.

If you’re an existing client of our outsourced bookkeeping and accounting service, we’ll have all the information we need to prepare your tax returns in a timely and accurate manner while helping you run your business in a manner that doesn’t overload your tax bill.

Some of our tax services include:
  • Preparation and submission of company tax returns
  • Submission of PAYE returns for all your employees
  • Solving problems relating to back taxes and previous noncompliance
  • Full integration with our outsourced bookkeeping and accounting service to provide a turnkey solution from bookkeeping from daily bookkeeping to final tax submissions
  • Independent personal tax and financial planning advice along with expert retirement planning expertise
  • Individual Tax Returns
  • Company Tax Returns
  • Provisional Tax Returns
  • Estate and trust tax planning
  • Retirement Implications
  • Strategic tax planning
  • SARS representation
  • On-going Tax Planning for company and owners
  • Withholding Tax Returns
  • Provisional Tax Returns
  • Annual Income Tax Returns for company and owners
  • Taxation structures
  • Tax Clearance Certificate Application