The Pros of Financial Management Consultancies

Stuck with a bookkeeper who leaves you without accurate reporting on time? Then why not try outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping.

In-house bookkeeping and accounting is what most CEO’s and owners rely on to receive their monthly financial statements – since that is found within the job description for most in-house bookkeepers. Is this still the best way to go? With technological advancements in all divisions of life, and yes even in accounting, traditional still has it pros, but it might not be the best when it comes to accurately manage your company’s finances and financial standing. It might be time to consider outsourced bookkeeping.

Within accounting service consultancies you will find experts in their field, with the advantage of continuous training occurring within the latest technologies and findings of the accounting world. This equips outsourced bookkeepers and accountants to provide higher quality and expert services, which is something to consider when choosing a bookkeeping and accounting service.

What benefits your business even more when outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping needs, it reduces the risk of fraud as duties are separated. We also ensure to take more meticulous steps when compiling and providing financial statements for your business. Outsourced bookkeeping companies regularly have two sets of eyes perusing and reviewing each step of the process, with different levels of staff managing each account. Furthermore, each employee reviews the work of their co-workers to ensure no discrepancies or errors slip through.

Cost is a major deciding factor for many small and medium companies when choosing a bookkeeping and accounting service – and outsourcing can assist in reducing the bottom line impact. For full-time in-house bookkeeping and accounting services your business can annually pay more than R600 000 simply for salaries, not to mention the overhead costs.

Since overhead costs aren’t a factor when you choose to outsource your bookkeeping and accounting services, one can expect to pay an estimate of R950 and R15 000 per month for your Financial Management services. This depends on the services your business requires, but it’s still substantially less than having an in-house bookkeeper and accountant.

Our dedicated team composed of a bookkeeper and accounting manager, works out of offices situated in Bedfordview, Johannesburg. What sets Bletchleys apart from most outsourced companies is not only the expertise you need, but also the strict guidelines ensuring elimination of the risks of fraudulent practise. With our staff going through continuous training keeping them up to date on the best practises in accounting, we ensure to provide professionalism in handling all your financial management needs.